Name :                 Dean Kurdi
 Education:         Bachelor Degree Of Musicology 
 Hobby :               Breeding canaries.
 Canary type:      The American singer & Hoso, 
                                Scotch fancy and,
                                the kurdish canaries.
 Location:            Louisville, KY -USA
 Email:                  canarylovekurdi@hotmail.com
Phone:                  502 855 0323

                                                                                My canary love story

​             My love for the canaries began when I was 10 years old , I picked up the hobby from my grandfather.       
     I used to visit him with excitement to see his canaries, I know I used to get on his nerves as many questions I used to ask about canaries, but I know 
     that he understood my interest to canaries. 

     This memory that I have of my grandfather and his love for canaries made me a canary lover ever since.  I spent a lot of time, money, and
     energy throughout my breeding and my studying of these beautifull birds, at the same time I enjoyed them and I still do.  I would  like to thank
     my grandfather, my wife, my family and my friends for all the support they showed me throughout my journey of collecting and breeding canaries .  

    I provided you with the most important information about canaries in the pages of canary infobreeding canariescanary food, 
    canary new discoveries,   canary health and canary as a pet. 
    It took me many years of filtration to collect a good line of breeding canaries as far as:

                                                                            Feather, Size, color, offspring production, health, and song. 

         If you have any questions, or you are interested to buy a canary male, canary female, pair of canaries or more please do not hesitate

    to                           at your convenience.

                                                                                                                                   Allow my experience help you

       I am not a veterinarian I am a experienced canary breeder.

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Louisville, KY
(502) 855-0323 | canarylovekurdi@hotmail.com

Phone: 502.855.0323
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