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​    Q-1
       What should you do to collect quality line-of-breeding canaries?

  (1) Select a canary breeding expert that you trust or a breeder with an excellent reputation.

  (2) Start with maximum of four pairs of the best canaries available.

  (3) Breed only one type of canary, like the "American Singer canaries," to save yourself plenty of
         problems and complications.

  (4) Make sure all canary pairs purchased are not related, to avoid them produce unhealthy young's.

  (5) As soon as you collect the appropriate pairs, you must use:
  • Colored canary plastic leg bands. Use a specific color for each pair also, use the same color for their young's to avoid inbreeding.
  •  Aluminum canary leg bands with your initials and date of birth of the young's printed on it to prove your canaries age when you sell them and to prove that they belong to your canaries blood line.

  (6) Make sure that the purchased canaries are vaccinated against the pox virus and the air sac mite.

                                                                                                           Canary Aviary
        What is the best aviary for canaries, indoor or outdoor?

  (1) It's better to keep your canaries indoors; it will be a great advantage to their health.
  (2) If you choose to keep your canaries out doors, you must keep them in a closed aviary, like in a
         car Garage, and it should be isolated completely from the outside to prevent insects, especially,
         mosquitoes from entering.
  (3) Regardless, if you keep your canaries indoors or outdoors, you must provide their aviary with:
          Ventilation system, Proper lighting system, Temperature & humidity control system.
  (4) Keeping your canaries outdoors in a screened cage will cause a great deal of problems and a high
         fatality rate.  Even if insects can't enter through the screened cage, it will be impossible to control the
         temperature, humidity, wind, and dust.
         Thunder and lightning storms  will scare your canaries, it may cause the males to stop singing and
         females to abandon their nests.
  (5)  There are other predators that can enter through the screened cage, like dust mites, and the  pox virus that can be transmitted
          by inhalation  of aerosol.  The pox virus can destroy 200 canaries within a month.

                                                                                                          Canary Lighting 
        What are the benefits of lighting for canaries? 

  (1) Lighting is very important for canaries' need, and they are very sensitive to it as well.
  (2) The amount of light canaries receive will control their sleep, rest, molting, and breeding time.
  (3) Light entering a canary's eyes affects the testosterone hormones in their body, and the brain erea that is
         responsible for singing .  The longer hours of light they receive, the more their hormones are increased.
  (5) If your canaries are not depending on the natural sunlight and they are depending just on a artificial lighting system, then you
         must use a full-spectrum fluorescent light. The full spectrum light should produce at least  (6500) K and
         (98) CRI.  The lights should be installed two feet away from their cages, not closer than that.

          How many hours of light my canaries should receive now!!! and how do i know when to breed them and when they will be ready to molt ?
        In nature, Light changes over the course of each year, the length of the day light will change from day to another, from month to another, from year to                        another, from state to another and from country to another country.
         For example: If your canaries and your friend canaries both depend on natural sunlight and each one of you lives in a different country, it does not mean                    that your canaries and his will breed and molt at the same time...  Let me explain to you how this works :

  (1) If your canaries are depending on Natural sunlight they will start breeding as soon as the length of the day light in your area reaches the longest daylight                      hours for that year and they will molt when the length of the day light reaches the least hours, for example :
         In 2011, the longest hours of the day light in my area (Louisville, kY-USA) was in July/1, it reached 14-hours & 42 minuets and at that time my canaries wear            in a higher breeding condition, after this time the length of the day light started to get shorter (less) day after day and month after month until it reached the            shortest day light in January/1/2012, it was 9 hours & 42 minuets and around this time most of my canaries started to molt.
  (2) when your canaries are depending only on an artificial lights, You must monitor the length of the natural day light in your area then match it with their                        Aviary lighting system (Timer) to provide them with the correct time for their breeding and molting cycle rather than that, you are going against their                            nature so, you may experience many breeding and molting complications .
  (3) How to learn about the length of the natural day light in your living area for each year ? 
         Use any search bar as Google and type: The sunset and sunrise in your /country "city and state" for example:
         * The sunrise and sunset in Louisville, KY.  The sun sunrise and sunset in Amman Jordan etc.........................  .   

Canary Food
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Canary Breeding
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             How often should I clip my canary's nails and how should I clip them?
  • Canary's nails should be clipped at least every six months.
  • Do not clip your canary's nails before you learn by an expert how to do so.  If you take a chance to cut the
          nails without having enough experience, you may cause your canary to bleed to death.
  • If you have no choice but to clip them your self, divide each nail to three equaled parts then cut only the third
          part located at the tip of the nail , use a bright light to detect the nails' veins to avoid the bleeding. 
  • Prepare your self by having any type of Styptic powder to dip the bleeding nail in it, It will help stop the bleeding.
  • I prefer using regular human nail clipper.

          How to hold a canary during nail clipping ?
  • Keep in mind that a canary will be more comfortable and less stressed when not seeing his nails clipped.
  • Lie the canary's back straight on your palm.  His/her head should be pointed toward your body, this position
          will lead the canary to spread it toes however, if the canary's tail pointed toward your body, will lead him/her not 
          to spread his/her toes making it difficult to clip the nails.
  • Since you took the time to catch your canary and clip it nails, i advice to take advantage of this moment before
          releasing it by applying Antibiotic lotion on his feet and legs as Neosporin to work as disinfectant, skin softener
          and leg mites killer to avoid scaly feet and scaly legs as well.          

                                                                                        Canary's song
            Why does a male canary sings?

      We must say, A male canary sings because, God provided him with this beautiful gift.

     But what motivates a canary to sing?
  (1) Attraction: A male canary will sing to get the hen attention and attract her to become his mate.
  (2) Territorial: A male canary will sing to establish his territory.
  (3) Challenge: High pitched voices or sounds are considered a challenge to male canaries. These types of voices or sounds are usually from the                        
         soprano to tenor music tones range.

   What captured my attention is, that my male canaries sing more often when:
  • Using the vacuum cleaner.
  • My infant cries.
  • Cartoons are playing on TV.
  • Water is running through the faucet.
  • A singing canary will seriously motivate another canary to sing. 

  As a musician, I know that each of these voices or sounds I observed has high pitched notes and these sounds what will motivate a canary male to sing the most.
  • In music, Soprano considered the highest pitch, typically produced by a human female, infant, music-instrument as Violin or any other sound perform high pitch sound.
  • The pitch below soprano is tenor.  Below tenor is Alto then bass is the lowest pitch.

  (4) Mood: A male canary will sing more often when he is in a good mood.

       What puts a male canary in a good mood?
  • Good health, rest and a good nights sleep.
  • Comfortable cage and surroundings.
  • High-quality diet.
  • Music, such as Classic violin, flute, etc.........
  • Proper lighting and suitable temperature and humidity.

              What is the physical effect that makes a male canary sings, and how does he learn a song?

                                                                  Canary Testosterone 

       Testosterone is a hormone. It has two independent effects on canary's brain and body:

  a) It stimulates the production and fusion of new neurons in the existing network of the brain.
  b) It widens the blood vessels and affects the structure in the area of the brain that is responsible for singing.

  • The size of the brain area that controls the canary's singing behavior is linked to the length of their song.
  • Testosterone in a canary's brain allows him to sing.
  • HVC (Higher Vocal Central) is part of the canary's brain that control the song learning.
  • RA (Robustus Archistriatalls) is necessary for proper song production, will allow male canary to sing a larger song.
  • The larger HVC and RA in a canary's brain will allow him to perform a longer/larger song.
  • The longer the length of the day lights reaches, the more testosterone hormones will be increased in a canary brain then more often he will sing. 

       Why male canaries sing less during the molting season?

      During the molting season, canaries go through stressful time, their body work hard to replace the worn out feathers, The new feathers will grow to                
  replace the old one, at that time their brain will only functions and concentrate on using the body nutrition's to feed the new feathers not the brain area that is         responsible for singing. A high quality diet will keep a canary's immune system strong, will help producing new healthy feathers, and will keep their brain area  opened and ready for the next season song.

       That's why a male canary sings more often around or during the breeding season when the length of the day light reaches the longer hours.  However, they         sing less around or during the molting season when the day light reaches the minimum hours.

  The more hours of a day light canaries receive the less they molt and the more testosterone hormone will be increased in their body therefore, they will sing             more often.

       I believe If a male canary sings more than the others it means, his testosterone hormones are at a higher level than the others, and if his song is larger            
 than the others it means, his brain area that is responsible for singing is larger than the brain area responsible for singing in the other males.

                                                                                                              Canary song food
​        Is it true that song food has a positive effect on the male canary's song learning and memory?
  • The food canaries eat has a significant effect on their physical and mental health.
  • Brain food tent to be rich in fatty acid (Omega-3).
  • Fatty acid has a positive effect on canaries song learning (HVC), brain area responsible for singing, memory, and helps in the fight against diseases.
  • The increase of the canaries intake of fatty acid food perform better and larger song (RA), also decrease their behavioral problems such as
         feather plucking.

        What a canary's diet routine must include ?
  1) Seed: Canaries' seed mixed must include all types of seed a canary can eat.  Canary grass seed, Nijer/Thistle seed, Canola/rape seed, Flex seed, sesame seed,                         Hemp seed, sunflower heart, All types of Millet's if possible , Whole wheat, Oat groats and perhaps pellets if your canaries accept it.
  2) Greens:  The darkest leafy greens are always better.  Greens are very important food for the bird's health as Kale green, Broccoli, Purslane green, Mustard                                   green, Dandelion green, Collard green, Spinach green, Romaine Lettuce, Chard green, Arugula etc......... .

  • Greens are packed with nutrition's.  Vitamin A, C, K, Iron, calcium, Manganese, Magnesium, folat.
  • Greens is the only source contain Chlorophyll witch help detox and alkalize the body by promoting better liver function. 
  • Greens are major source of  Lutein which it's one of the sources responsible to protect the eye by filtering the blue light produced by the sun and some              artificial lights.  With out the Lutein, the bird will go blind.
  3) Fresh- Sweet- yellow corn on the cob:  It's one of the most important food sources in canaries/birds' diet and it's one of their favorite food not just because                                                                                           of its flavor, but because it's packed with nutrition's :  
  • Zeaxanthin: Corn and corn products are major sources of  Zeaxanthin.  Zeaxanthin and it twin Lutein in greens, both are responsible to keep the eye healthy.
  • Ferulic acid: One of the greatest nutrition's in sweet corn, its antioxidant responsible to fight diseases such as heart disease and cancer. 
  • Vitamins: Corn contain Vitamin A, C and B
  • Minerals: Corn contain Magnesium, Phosphorous, Potassium, manganese, Iron, Calcium, Zinc, Copper, Carbohydrate, Selenium, Protein and Fiber. 
  4) ​Fruits: Apple and orange into canaries favorite. 
  5) Boiled eggs: 

canary breeding
In Door Breeding Aviary
    Note: Some canaries may be ready to breed when the daylight reaches less than the max day light hours, it depend on their sensitivity and absorbing to the light                     and the months they wear born .

                                                                            Canary Aviary Temperature Requirement
          What is the best temperature requirement for canaries?

   (1) Canaries feel comfortable when their aviary temperature is 70 Fahrenheit.
   (2) Higher than 70 f will overheat your canaries' aviary then may cause them:

  • Constant molting, dry skin, coughing, and dehydration.
  • Harden the egg shells that may not allow the young's to break through it during their limited 
          hatching time causing their death inside before hatching. 
  • Dust mites love warmth and grow fast when the temperature reaches above 70 f.
   (3) Low temperature "Less than 60 f may cause them to develop cold therefore,
          the hen may not leave the nest to eat as normal over worrying about her young's getting
          cold causing their death over starvation.
   (4) Too high or low temperature may cause the hen to stop feeding her young's or incubating 
          the eggs.
   (5) A Thermostat is required to monitor the temperature.

                                                         Canaries Aviary Humidity Requirement
        What is the best humidity requirement for canaries? 

   (1) Canaries will feel comfortable when their aviary humidity is 50% maximum.
   (2) Over humid air will become so thick making it hard for canaries to inhale it therefore, not enough
          oxygen gets in to their system causing their death .  Low humidity will cause dry skin,  dry nose 
          and the eggshells will harden making it difficult for the young's to break through it during
          the limited hatching time.  
   (3) To increase the humidity, use a humidifier.
   (4) To decrease the humidity, use a dehumidifier.
   (5) A Thermostat is required to monitor the humidity.

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