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                                                        A healthy brain is in a healthy body
  Hello and welcome to   If you are a breeder or keeping canaries as a pet, learning how to         read your canary's body language, what is good and what is harmful for them are the main key's to lead to                       successful breeding and healthy canaries.
                                                          What is harmful for your canaries ?

  (1) Draft: is air that inter to the canaries aviary through a small opening in a window, door, wall, A/C  heat vent located in your canary's aviary . 
                   The draft air that comes from these openings will always has a different temperature than the temperature in the canaries aviary.

       Draft will cause a major stress on your canaries, respiratory infection, cold and other fatal complications.
       Drafts is similar to a fan blowing on your face at all time.
       Draft carry outside air born viruses and dust that may carry dust mites . 

  (2) Dust: Dust carries viruses and mites. Mites known as "dust mites" they are microscopic bugs, not visible to the naked eye.  Dust mites will eat your canaries' skin and feathers              also will cause the air sac infection known as air sac mites.
​       Keep your canary aviary dust free, do not sweep or blow on dusty surfaces, remove dust by using a sanitized wet rag, move your canary to another room before vacuuming.

  (3) Mold: The canary cage is a suitable place for mold to be created.  The moist, UN- ventilated aviary and expired food are the main reasons for mold to be created.  Keep your                   canary's aviary humidity around 50%, keep the cage dry, clean, sanitized and always has fresh food and water .      
  (4) Toxic food: Coffee, chocolate, potato shoots and plant, avocado peel and seed fruit as apple seeds, orange seeds, and grape seeds, Rhubarb leaves (Rhubarb is                                    poisonous), cayenne pepper and uncooked yeast.

  (5) Spray bottles: Do not spray your canaries with any mixture and even with straight water for the purpose of bathing them, removing feather mites, sanitizing the cage, etc...... Using         a spray bottle or any spray system filled with any products will allow your canary to inhale some of the mixture causing respiratory infection.  Even spraying them with                                   straight water will cause a major stress on them.  Your canary may seem like to be sprayed because, he is desperately in a much need for a bath when he was not provided with a normal bath for long time.  Ask your self this: How will you feel when someone spry you using a water hose !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?   

  (6) Uncomfortable cages:
        a) Round cage:  Canaries do not like to be placed in a round cage. Place your canary in a squared or rectangle cage, a canary will nap, sleep and feel safe in the cage corners .
        b) Small sized cage: A small cage Will not allow your canary to exercise causing him to become overweight, inactive, stressed and he may die A small cage with a dimensions of               12"Wx12"Dx12"H or less considered as a small cage.  The average comfortable cage size for a single canary is 16"W x 12"D x 12"H.
        c)  Unclean cages: bacteria, dust, mold, fungi, moist, wet and mites, are harmful to your canary.

   (7) Disturbing: When you turn the light ON and OFF repeatedly in your canaries aviary during their sleeping hours, this will be a major disturbance and harmful to them. Provide your            canaries with a completely dark, peaceful, and quiet aviary during their sleeping hours.

   (8) Catching:  Catching your canaries repeatedly just for fun is harmful for them. Some canaries do not like to be caught at all. With repeated catching they will become stressed,                  sick and they may die. Catching your canaries should be only for important needs as:* Trimming their nails * Moving them to another cage * To provide them with medication.

   (9) Gravel and oyster shells: Canaries do not need gravel or oyster shells to help their digestive system as chickens and Pigeons do, these type of birds eat their seed with out                  shelling it so, eating gravel is necessarily to help grinding the seed they eat but canaries will shell their seed before swallowing it therefore, the muscles of their gizzard is plenty                strong enough to digest the shelled seed without the need for gravel and Oyster shells .  

         Gravel and Oyster shells can be stored in a canary's stomach for a long time before passing out it " if they they be able to pass it out" and it will cause them a great deal of pain.              Stored gravel will take up some or all of a canary's stomach space not leaving enough space for food and water therefore, leading a them not to feel hungry, not to eat as normal,            weight lost and they may die.  When the parents feed their young's food mixed with gravel will be impossible for the young's to pass it out especially, the largest sized gravel and it            will impact day after day leading them to have constipation, slow growth and then death.
         Egg shells Crushed or grounded provided to canaries will be a great source of calcium and will keep their digestive system healthy. 
  (10) Bath during the evening time:  Canary's bath must be provided at early morning time to allow their feathers dry during the day hours before the sleeping time.  Providing                       canaries with bath during the last hours before dark will not give enough time for their feathers to dry causing them to develop cold, flue, fever and may be death especially, if they             are place out side doors .
  (11) UN sanitized drinking water, bath water, seed and green: These sources if not sanitized before enter your canary's system will cause sickness and may be death.
          (Read below how to sanitize every type of water and food that enter your canary's system) .   
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                                                          What is good for your canaries ?
​  (1) Clean aviary: Canary's aviary must be free of dust, mold, fungi, bugs, and continuously circulating air.

  (2) Comfortable cage: For a single canary or pair of canaries, the cage size should not be less than 16"W x 12"D x 12"H. 
        The cage perches must have soft surfaces to avoid injuring the canary feet, i recommend install not less than two
         perches in each cage to allow the canary exercise, jumping and flying back and forth from perch to another. 
        The cage must not be crowded with swings and toys to allow the canary fly back and forth with out injuring or
         breaking his wings.   

  (3) Drinking water bottles: The 8 oz. drinking water bottle with a vacuum valve is ideal for your canaries.
        I recommend the clear bottles to allow you monitor the water level. This bottle does not allow dust,
        feathers, seed or the canary poop to get into the water also, it does not allow canaries to use it for bathing
        and drinking at the same time-like most open drinking cups are used in most cages.
        The drinking water bottle can be attached from inside or outside the cage by wire bail holders. 

  (4) Antiseptic-Dettol or Listerine:  Listerine or Dettol either one of these antiseptic will work as a perfect sanitizer for the canary's drinking and bath
        water also, to sanitize green. 
   a) Drinking water: To provide your canaries with clean drinking water, add one drop of first aid antiseptic Dettol to 8. oz. of drinking water or 1/2 tea 
       spoon to one gallon of water. Dettol will kill any microscopic bacteria that live in the water and it will keep it clean for a long time.
   b) Bath: Add one tablespoon of Dettol to one gallon of water to be used for your canary's bath. It will kill bacteria, fungi, feather mites and bodily infections that                     canaries are vulnerable to.
​   c) Sanitizing greens and fruits: 
        Dettol will work as a great sanitizer for greens and fruits that you and your canary's will eat.  Wash the greens and fruits well to ensure it's dust free then,  fill your
        kitchen sink with water, add a tablespoons of Listerine or Dettol to it, put the greens or fruit in the sink that is filled with the mixture and then, let it soak for 30                   minutes Drain out the mixture and then wash the greens/ fruit for the last time with pure water and Rinse it then feed it to your canaries.
   5)  Probiotic: A live microbial food supplement that greatly enhances the natural intestinal microbe balance, also known as good bacteria.
        Probiotics will keep canary's immune system stronger for example: If a few mites (Air sac mites) enter a canary's respiratory system their immune system will                   keep their numbers low.
        Probiotics will be a great supplement to any medication provided to a sick canary.
        Canaries will hardly become sick when they are fed probiotics. A canary's immune system will contain the average "normal" number of the good bacteria to fight           the excess of  bad bacteria and put it out of their body through urine and poop.
  •  provide canaries with probiotics three days a week all year round.
   6) Calcium: Calcium is an important component of a healthy diet and minerals for birds.
        Calcium is the most important nutrient for canaries, more so than any other nutrient.  Canaries' bones, beaks, nails, and eggshells are primarily made of calcium.
        A female canary needs calcium more than any other mineral especially, during the breeding season to avoid egg bound/binding.
  • Provide canaries with calcium sources at all time .
  (7) Fruits, vegetables, and corn: Feed your canaries these foods:
  • Dark green vegetables: kale, romaine lettuce, dandelion, green peppers, radish leaves, chickweed, 
          chicory, escarole, Parsley etc.......... . 
  • Dark orange fruits: carrots, sweet potatoes, pumpkins, cantaloupe, apricots, peaches, papayas ,mango, 
          oranges, Grapefruit etc........... .
  • Row sweet corn, Red bell pepper.
  • Provide canaries with green (kale) 5 days a week, fruit 2 days a week.
  (8) Bath: Bathing is important for your canary's health.  Bath water should be cold,Warm water will strip the
        oil off the canary feathers.  Bath bowl should not be deeper than two inches.
  • Provide canaries with bath at least three days a week . 

  (9) Heating lamp:  Only for a flight and hospital cage.  
        Heating lamp is red, white or black colored electrical device ( light bulb) 250w or less. 
         The Benefits of using the heating lamp for canaries : 
  • Canaries can use it to dry their skin and feathers after bath.
  • Canaries can use it to warm themselves when they have drop of their body temperature.
  • Heating lamp will provide Vitamin D as received from sun light.  Vitamin D help absorbing Calcium .

          Canaries will have their choice of controlling their distance from the heating lamp depending on their body need
          to the amount of heat and all the other benefits .

                                   The 6 categories of nutrition's canaries/birds must receive 
                                      1) Water 2) Lipid seed 3) Carbohydrate 4) Protein 5) vitamins 6) Minerals 
 1)  Water:  It is number one of the six essentials nutrition's/categories.
       Canaries must be provided with clean sanitized water at all time.  Canary may not survive with out water during the first 12 hours. 

  2)  Lipid seed: Lipid is group of oily nutrition's.  Canary's diet must contain lipid seed at all time.

        List of some lipid food can be fed to canaries:
      *Sunflower seed Sesame seed * Hemp seed * Pumpkin seed Cashew nuts * Walnuts * Peanuts * Pistachio nuts Pin nuts * Brazil nuts Pecan nuts
    * Almonds and more .

  Sun flower seed, hemp seed and sesame seed are the most seed in to canaries' liking. 

  The benefits of lipid seed for canaries 
  Lipid seed are high in energy, incredible sources of health benefits nutrients, antioxidants, provide good Protein, contain more than 50% of fatty acid, vitamin E,             vitamin B  complex and rich of many essential minerals zinc, Iron, calcium, manganese, magnesium, selenium and copper.  All these minerals will increase the                 canary's brain functions, will provide healthy bones, feathers, skin, muscles activities and hormone production.  

  3)  Carbohydrate: In a simple explanation, carbohydrate is source of food will provide the body with energy/Calories .  It ​Is a major source of fuel for metabolism.  It is           the fastest source to provide the body with energy .

        There are 3 types of carbohydrate and each type is important for living :
         a- Simple/single carbohydrate in one food source.   
         b- Double/Two types of carbohydrate in one food source.
         c- complex carbohydrate/ three types or more of carbohydrate in one food source .
  What we need to know is, which food contain the most of complex carbohydrate that canaries/birds can eat . 

  A- Fruits and vegetables: are rich in complex carbohydrates like : Potatoes, Cucumbers, Radishes, Asparagus, Apples, Orange, Pears, Strawberries,Tomatoes                    etc........... . Canaries favorite fruit are Apples and oranges .

  B- Dark leafy green: The darkest leafy green is better like: Spinach green, broccoli, kale green, mastered green, Romaine lettuce, Purslane green etc..........   .
       Canaries favorite green are Kale, Broccoli, Romaine Lettuce,  Purslane green, Dandelion green. 
       Those greens contain most of the nutrition's found in all types of greens that canaries need to eat especially, omega 3 fatty acid. It's great source of                                     minerals, including, zinc, phosphorus, manganese, magnesium, calcium and copper also, vitamins, antioxidants vitamin E, vitamin C, beta carotene and fiber                   to aid digestion and help maintain a healthy weight .

  C- Whole Grains:  are an excellent source of complex carbohydrates and dietary fiber like, cooked Rice or grounded rice, raw yellow sweet corn, Semolina Wheat,               grounded outs, grounded Spelt with out the hulls, grounded Buckwheat. 
       Canaries favorites are Semolina wheat, cooked or grounded rice and raw yellow corn . 

  D- Seeds: are very high in complex carbohydrates like: Canary grass seed, flex seed, canola/Rape seed, Nyjer/thistle seed, sesame seed, Hemp seed, Red millet                   seed, raw hulled sun flower seed .  These are the main seed that canaries must be provided with at all time.

  4) Protein : 
       What is protein ?
       In a simple explanation, Proteins are amino acids .   
      There are 22 types of amino acid that animals, birds and our body needs at all time for proper growth and development .
      The 22 amino acid are divided to two groups ( a- None-Essential amino acid    b- Essential amino acid) .

   a- None essential amino acid: There are 14 Non- essential amino acid synthesized by the body it self also, found in food.
   b- Essential amino acid: There are 8 amino acid the body does not synthesize them and must be obtained from food to complete the 22 amino acid .

   Note: Some food contain all the Non-essential and all the essential amino acid.  Some food contain some of the Non-essential and some of the essential amino acid.
              Some food contain all the Non-essential amino acid and some of the essential. Some food contain some of the Non- essential and all the essential amino acid.

     Since the body is able to create the Non-essential 14 amino acid in it's own, what food contain the completed protein "8 essential amino acid" ?  

  1) Meat 2)   White meat "chicken breast"   3) eggs   4) Soy beans   5) Whey milk   6) fish   7) Nigella seed   8) Lentil seed etc................ .

    Can all these food be fed to canaries ?
  • Red meat, white meat, and fish must be grounded soft then cooked or dehydrated (Not into the canary's liking and it contain unhealthy fat and cholesterol)).
  • Whey milk, must be provided dry not liquid (Not into canary's liking). 
  • Boiled eggs, (Into the canary's liking and it contains unhealthy fat and cholesterol) . 
  • Soy beans, grounded soft, soaked or flour provided dry (Into the canary's liking and it contains healthy fat ). 
  • Lentil seed (into canary's liking when its grounded soft and provided dry).  

  Is there any other food sources contain amino acid that can be fed to canaries ?
  Yes..... but, it's uncompleted protein food.  The uncompleted protein food lacking for one or more of the 8 essential amino acid like Green, fruit, seed, Nuts, etc.....                          knowing how many and what type of amino acid each uncompleted protein food contains, will help us understanding how to gather these sources to provide                it to our birds as a completed protein easy to be digested and healthier than the normal completed protein.
               (Total of  8 amino acid collected from different types of non-essential amino acid food = completed protein). 
               Some fruits and greens contain high level of protein and some contain less.  If we maintain our birds' body with verity of these sources we will cover all the                      essential amino acid needed to keep them healthy.            
  Example: If Rice contain 3 types of amino acid and green as Kale contain 5 amino acid different than rice, it means, when both sources provided together will make a                      complete protein.
  What are the 8 essential amino acid ? 
  Lysine, Leucine, Isoleucine, Methionine, Phenylalanine, Threonine, Tryplophan and Valine. 

  Since Eggs are considered completed protein because it contain the 8 essential amino acid needed, Why should we provide our canaries with uncompleted protein     food such as greens ? 
  1) Green contain Chlorophyll but eggs do not.
       Chlorophyll is the green colored liquid that makes green plant green color.

      Benefits of Chlorophyll :
  • Rebuild, replenish the red blood cells and increase their number .
  • Fight infections, help heal wounds and help the digestive system.
  • Contain high level of Vitamin A, C, E, K also, folic acid, Iron, Calcium and Protein .
  • Have the ability to aid the body tissue in destroying germs, prevent the growth of bacteria and remove the toxic heavy metal from the body.

  2) The completed protein food as Caw meat, fish, chicken meat including eggs contain complex protein.  Complex protein made of several amino acid mixed                        together making it harder for a canary's digestive system to brake it down to an individual amino acid then forming each amino acid to individual protein and then          each protein will take it's own position to do its task by serving part/s of the body .   

      The uncompleted protein food as fruits, seed, nuts, semolina wheat especially, green contains individual amino acid making it easier for a canary's body to absorb        it as soon as it digested.

       Obviously, this explain, when a chicken raised in nature will collect all the amino acid from the verity food she eats as seed, green,worms etc...... then all the amino          acid she collected will form in her eggs that we feed to our canaries, so why do not we use the same method by feeding our canaries verity of seed, fruit, green                not to depend on feeding them big amount of boiled eggs that can cause a canary many health complications.  We must give our birds the choice to collect all the          amino acid (proteins) from different food sources not just from one source as boiled eggs.

     What is the side effect on canaries/birds when fed over the normal amount of complex protein like boiled eggs ?
     1) The access of protein in canaries' body can cause them to be infected with the bumble foot condition.
     2) The extra protein in canaries' body will flow on top of their blood stream causing under skin irritation. Under skin irritation will cause canaries to pluck their                       own feathers to relief them selves from the constant itching .
     3) Canaries can have Joint pain as "Arthritis in human"  due the access of uric acid crystals when gathered in their joint  also, joint inflammation and not serous                   skin rashes.  Birds may not be able to walk and/or fly due to joint pain and inflammation.
     4)  kidney infection/disease. 
     5) The access of protein in canaries will cause them to become restless, setting on the bottom of the cage most of the time, hard breathing, rapid heart beat, not a               serous diarrhea, vomiting, anxiety attack to the point a canary will die in your hand as soon as you catch it.
         All the mentioned symptoms can also cause a canary hen unable to lay her eggs (Egg bound/binding).  

                                     Artificial Vitamins and minerals for all birds health, best fertility and high skill song 
   Should i provide my birds with Artificial vitamins and minerals ?
   Artificial minerals and Multivitamins are not necessarily when the proper diet is provided however, some artificial vitamins and minerals must be provided to                   improve better health, best fertility and best song.   Those necessarily vitamins and minerals are not found in some food sources that a bird can eat on the other             hand, when some of it found in some food sources, its quantity and quality will not be enough to support birds' need especially, if those food sources were not               organically grown.

   What artificial vitamins and minerals are necessarily?

  Should i mix vitamins and minerals with my bird drinking water ?  
  I do not recommend it for the following reasons : 
  1) Mixing medication, vitamins or any other source with water can lead canaries to over dose.  High temperature or dehydrated canary may drink much of the mixture       leading it to over dose.                      
  2) Canaries will not drink from water mixed with vitamins, minerals, medication or color as much as they need because, the test of water changed.
  3) Vitamin will loose its benefits when become moist also when it's exposed to light more than 15 minutes. 


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